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10 Ways to Limit Technology at home

Take a deep breath... Imagine a world without technology.. Pretty crazy right? I almost imagine stone age type of world. A bit too much right? Let's go back to our world and think about how much technology currently exists. Even MORE crazy, right?! Okay, well, in a world full of so much technology, we struggle… Continue reading 10 Ways to Limit Technology at home

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10 Delicious Halloween Desserts

Whether you want to throw a Halloween party or just hangout with family and make some delicious Halloween desserts, these recipes are fun and easy to make!   1. Ghost Pretzels Delicious white chocolate pretzels that look like ghosts! Great for a lunch snack! Found on Pinterest, check out the recipe on 2. Veggie… Continue reading 10 Delicious Halloween Desserts

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Day of the Dead Celebrations

History Celebrated on October 31st, November 1st and 2nd, the Day of the Dead(Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated throughout Mexico. October 31st is called "All Hallows Eve", November 1st is called "All Saints' Day" and November 2nd is called "All Souls' Day". This holiday has been celebrated for thousands… Continue reading Day of the Dead Celebrations

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Family Halloween Costume Ideas

The best part of Halloween is either dressing up and going trick-or-treating or participating in the Halloween festivities! Both are so much fun and the kids are always so excited for the holiday! We all know it's difficult sometimes to think of a costume that is comfortable and unique for Halloween night. Most parents decide… Continue reading Family Halloween Costume Ideas

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10 Halloween festivities your family will love

Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate with the family! If you take advantage of some festivities, you can really get into the Halloween spirit! In this blog I include some celebrations held across the United States and also some festivities you can do right at home! 1. Terror on Tillson Street Located: Romeo, Michigan Dates: Month… Continue reading 10 Halloween festivities your family will love