About Natasha

I am an Alverno College graduate with a bachelors in Computing and Information Technology. I have been on many fitness teams including: Crossfitness, Soccer, Tennis, and Cross Country. I have been into fitness since I was seven years old and I  have dedicated my free time to getting fit and spending time with my family! I discovered my love for blogging recently when I became a mom. I was struggling to get back into a daily routine and staying motivated to better my life as well as my families.

I am engaged to my best friend and we just welcomed our baby boy into this world about six months ago. My favorite hobbies include: exercising, creating new recipes, and going on adventures with my family.41905280_1957056731253883_1500717016955224064_n

My Background

I am born and raised in Wisconsin. My fiancé and I are High School sweethearts. We have been together since our Junior year. I love living in the city and going on adventures to places I’ve never been. I slowly started to realize that my passion in life is helping other women feel welcomed and not judged. I have been a victum of judgment my entire life, but who hasn’t right? Well I want to fix that. I want people to feel welcomed and appreciated for who they are and where they come from. No matter the background or the experiences they faced in the past.


How I came to ‘Living A Healthy Mom Life’

I decided to create this website to help other moms like me who found it difficult to get back into a routine after having their babies. Everything changes after you have a baby and it can be really difficult to find the time in the day to do the things that make you happy. I know I got into a rut where I was doing the same things every single day. I would go to work, come home, cook and put our baby to bed. Every single day. Nothing changed. I started to feel down because I wasn’t making time for the things I enjoyed anymore. I was pushing everything off because I wanted to also spend time with my family! Well, now I found the complete life guide to getting my life back AND spend time with my family. There are so many ways I can enjoy exercising and spending time with my family, but I never realized it until I did some research of my own to find my ultimate life hack! That’s when I found out there are SO many other moms who find it hard to get back into their routines where they can spend time with their families AND live a healthy life! So that’s why ‘Living A Healthy Mom Life’ exists. I am dedicated to providing a space where moms feel welcomed and they can find the information on how to live a healthy lifestyle AND spend all the time they want with their children!

Follow my blogs as I share my knowledge on being a healthy active mom. I’ll also be telling you more about my family, fitness and wellness tips, healthy eating information and random fun facts along the way.

Side note: Please remember I’m no expert in fitness or health. Please follow as you can and discuss with your doctor or a professional for any specific advice you need in relation to your dietary and exercise needs. I’m hoping this blog can help you in one way or another! Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or concerns.