6 Junk Foods that are Advertised as ‘Healthy’

There are many foods that are advertised as healthy, but are actually not. A lot of people believe the word diet and fat free means healthy. That is not true.

When living a healthy life, we tend to follow what the media and marketing say. We need to make sure we are consuming products that are actually benefiting our bodies and do the research instead of following what commercials say. While a lot of these products are BANNED in other countries, we are feeding our bodies food that is harming us.

Remember that your body is made up of the food that you eat. If you eat healthy, your body will feel more energized and happier. If you eat junk food, your body will feel groggy and drained.

Below are six junk foods that are advertised as healthy:

1. Wheat Bread:

Wheat bread is advertised as healthy because wheat bread IS healthier than white bread. BUT typically most of the wheat bread being advertised is actually made with white bread and just a little bit of wheat flour mixed in for the marketing aspect.

Make sure to check the label for “100% whole wheat” to determine whether or not it’s actually healthy.


2. Diet Soda:

Diet soda is made with artificial ingredients and flavorings. It is unnatural and high in sodium. When people see the word “diet” they tend to believe that it is healthier than the regular products. Diet soda is a prime example of this. Diet soda is not only very unhealthy, but it is arguably MORE unhealthy than regular soda.


3. Granola bars:

Granola bars are advertised on commercials and on social media as healthy. Granola bars are almost always very high in sugar and very low in nutrients. Make sure when choosing granola bars that they have low sugars.


You’re better off having an apple or some fruit instead.


4. Protein shakes:

Protein shakes are great for body builders or for people who are actively working on building muscles, but for the rest of us these shakes can be really bad! Protein shakes are highly processed and they are made with TONS of sugar. If you regularly down a protein shake in place of meals you can expect to gain weight instead of lose it.


5. Dried fruit:

Dried fruit is made with tons of added sugar and sulfur to keep it preserved. It has 3 times more calories than fresh fruits.

ex: Banana chips has 3x more calories than a regular banana does.

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6. Fat free flavored yogurt:

Fat free foods are NOT healthy foods. Again remember, SUGAR MAKES YOU FAT. NOT FAT.

Flavored yogurts have at least 15 grams of sugar in it.

Try Greek yogurt instead!



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