Tips for moms with anxiety

Anxiety alone is one of the most difficult disorders to control. Add motherhood into the mix and you’ve got one pretty big mess of things.

Growing up, I never really understood what a panic attack was. I would feel my heart racing, shortness of breath, and sometimes I’d even feel physically paralyzed because of how fast my brain and heart were moving.

Since having my six month old, it has gotten 100000x worse.

I used to co-sleep when he was about three months old. One night he woke up so many times that I went out into the living room to sleep on the couch while my fiance slept next to him. Everything was fine until about 5 a.m. when I started hearing our baby screaming.

He fell off the bed.

I fell to the floor and I almost felt like I was having a heart attack because of how bad my heart was racing. It was uncontrollable. I have NEVER experienced something this bad. At that moment I realized I’ve experienced little panic attacks before, but nothing that comes close to this one.

Anxiety can come out of no where or be brought on by triggers. Medication and therapy are typically the first things doctors prescribe when you are having panic symptoms.

Tips to help calm anxiety and get you through panic attacks can very person to person. Some that has helped me include:

Going for a walk

Getting some fresh air can be relaxing and it allows your mind to take a break from stress and focus on the scenes. Even just a short walk can better your chances of calming an anxiety attack down.

Take some time out and rest

Take about 15 minutes to yourself to get your thoughts together and bring yourself back to earth. This can sound easier than actually doing it, but practice makes perfect. The more you take time to yourself to relax and maybe even meditate, you will be able to get through panic attacks faster.

It’s hard to take time to yourself and relax when you’re in a panic attack, but if you try really hard to force your brain to think about something more positive, you will be able to overcome it faster.

Call a friend or family member

I know calling a friend or family member can be difficult when you want to try and handle things on your own. The thing is that, EVERYONE needs help sometimes. If you reach out to family or a friend who you know will help calm you down you can either talk about what’s going on to vent, or talk about something completely different to get your mind at ease.

Limit time on social media

Social media has undoubtedly been one of the most negative places to go. With everything going on in the news and people venting, it can be overwhelming when you are dealing with things yourself. When you limit time on social media, you are really limiting the negativity you’re allowing in your life. Staying positive is extremely important when you’re a mom. When mom is upset, the family suffers. When mom is happy, the family is happy!

Don’t get me wrong, some social media posts can be really uplifting and positive, but it’s the news stories and the people who use it for venting that can bring a negative aspect to it. When you’re scrolling through, you never know what you’ll see and the last thing you want is something that will send another trigger your way for a panic attack.


Exercising can be one of the best ways to cope AND prevent panic attacks. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help get you in a better mood, allow your body to release stress, and it helps when you’re feeling like you need a motivation boost.

Now when I say exercise, I don’t mean go and lift a bunch of weights and run 10 miles. You can do simple exercises that can do just as good. A few crunches, squats or even just a simple walk around the block will help get you feeling pumped and boost your mood! Yoga is also a great reliever. There are many different types and benefits of Yoga, both mental and physical.

It can be hard to find time to exercise when you’re a mom, but that time can be extremely beneficial!

Good diet

Something I read not that long ago was: “your body functions based on what you put in it.”

Now when you look at that I bet you’re thinking, “I have to go on a diet to be happy?”

Well the answer to that is no. Simply just watching what your body intakes and drinking enough water each day can really boost your mood and allow you to prevent and calm those panic attacks. There are many different healthy snacks that you’d be shocked to see how good they taste!

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When you eat a bunch of greasy fatty junk food, your body tends to feel groggy and drained afterwards. BUT when you eat healthy and drink lots of water, your body feels more energized and motivated to accomplish things!

Remember, these are some tricks that work for me when I am experiencing a panic attack or when I want to prevent them. Everyone is different and experience panic attacks differently so these might not work for you. But give them a shot and hopefully some of them help!

Do you suffer from anxiety? What do you do to calm and manage it? Leave a comment below!




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