Gentle workouts for new moms

The healing process for new moms are different for everyone. When you want to start getting back into working out and you are thinking it would be best to start with gentle workouts these are the best:


Using just your body weight, try and do 3 sets of 5 squats. Don’t push yourself! These workouts are meant just for a starting point. Once you get started then a few days or weeks down the line you will be able to do more.


Start by doing either 10 or 15 second planks. This way you will be able to strengthen your core and your arm muscles.


Arm/leg reach

Using alternating leg and arm reach, you will be able to get your core and back muscles to start engaging again. Try 5 alternating arm and leg reaches in the beginning.

Weighted glute bridge

The weighted glute bridge can be your infant on your belly while you squeeze your glutes at the top of your bridge, or you can just use your body weight at first. Start with 5 to 10 at first so your body can get used to using those butt muscles again!


If you’re a new mom and you tried these exercises, leave a comment to let me know what your technique was! If you tried other exercises, let me know which ones worked best for you!


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