5 House Chores that can be a Workout

Ever since I became a mom it has been really difficult to manage keeping the house clean and getting in a workout everyday. I know many moms share the same struggles as I do: balancing keeping the house up to par, spending time with our babies, AND staying healthy by working out and eating clean. WAY too much to maintain with just 24 hours in the day.

So why not try and combine cleaning and working out so you have more time to spend with your babies at the end of the day??


5 household chores that can double as a workout are:

Carry things up and down the stairs

If you have stairs in your house you can burn TONS of calories. Just carrying things up and down your stairs or doing lunges walking up your stairs is such a great workout!

Calf raises while doing the dishes

You can spend hours standing at your sink counting calf raises and doing dishes at the same time. This way you’re accomplishing something AND you’re getting some killer calves!

Squat when picking something up

Let’s be real. There is always toys and clothes lying around the house. Just think of how many squats you can get in by picking things up in a squatting position! I bet TONS!

Vacuuming and mopping

This is my FAVORITE part. Crank some music. Get your dance moves going. Kick it in some funky gear and bring the mop and vacuum out!


Russian twists while folding the laundry

I don’t know about you, but I usually keep my laundry in the baskets until the last minute.. I HATE folding and putting the laundry away. Honestly! Who has time to go through a bunch of clothes and fold them!? Not me!

So I try my best to make it fun! If you’re sitting on the floor you can have the basket on one side of you and put the folded clothes on the other side of you. Elevate your legs up in the air and grab one piece of clothing, fold it in the middle and twist to the other side and set it down.




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