Guide to reducing Cellulite

Women have been worried about getting rid of cellulite their entire lives. There is a TON of focus on preventing and getting rid of it because women feel it is an ugly thing to have. Although almost every single women in the world gets cellulite, a lot of us spend our time trying to get rid of it. The theory is that women who have cellulite have this idea that it’s ugly or it means that you’re fat. That is not true at all! In fact, women of all shapes and sizes get cellulite! I know I have it.

There are ways to reduce cellulite when it is bothersome to you. Some of my tips include:


Exercising can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Exercising can create firm toned skin. The most common areas of cellulite is the thighs and butt. Some exercises that can help are: Back leg extension, squats, lunges, and hamstring bridge.



Staying hydrated helps your circulation and it keeps your skin healthy and firm looking. When you’re dehydrated your skin can appear more wrinkly and you will be able to see your cellulite more.


Eat Healthy:

By including vegetables, fruit, fiber, and protein you will be able to keep your body healthy and happy. Your diet is important with how your body works. When you eat a good diet the nutrients will allow cell regeneration and minimize the appearance of cellulite.



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