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10 Ways to Limit Technology at home

Take a deep breath…

Imagine a world without technology..

Pretty crazy right?

I almost imagine stone age type of world.

A bit too much right? Let’s go back to our world and think about how much technology currently exists. Even MORE crazy, right?!

Okay, well, in a world full of so much technology, we struggle to build relationships that are authentic and meaningful. I know how hard it is to put down the phone and turn off the TV for an entire day! I noticed how much our world really revolves around technology.. It’s not so good..

If you’re a parent and you have children who are always on their phone, stuck watching the TV, or constantly playing video games; THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!

Think about family time actually spent together, laughing and engaging. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Getting to know your children is an amazing feeling, but technology can take away their personalities and turn them into quiet, emotionless human beings. It can get pretty hard to turn this around, but here are a few tips:


Sitting down and finding a quiet place to read, either alone, or with your child, can be an amazing feeling. You can relax without any television, and you get to expand your imagination! There are so many personal attributes that reading can positively effect. No only does reading make you smarter, but it can also increase your brain usage. Reading regularly improves your memory and your imagination. As an adult I’m sure you can see how hard to gets to keep your imagination flowing! Reading not only gets rid of the technology, but it can replace the TV by allowing you to have that same dramatic and interested feeling as you do when you’re watching a great show!


2.Create a Rainy Day rule

The “Rainy Day” rule is when you make sure you and your children are all outdoors enjoying the weather when it’s nice outside! Only on rainy days should you be inside. There are so many activities that can be done outside! You can go for a walk in the park, a jog, a bike ride, play sports, and so many other things! BUT if it’s a rainy day and you have to be indoors, then you can figure out things like playing games, or reading that can enhance your personal skills as an alternative to using technology.


3.Take a walk outside

When you go outside for a walk, you are not only bonding as a family, but you are getting great exercise as well. Keeping a positive and healthy outlook on your life can keep your energy levels higher! If you take walks and enjoy the outdoors, you will then find yourself getting more energetic and happier.


4.Be a positive role model

If you sit on your phone and watch TV all day, your children will see that and find no motivation to do anything else. If you go outside and go for walks, runs, bike rides or even just sit outdoors and watch the sceneries; your children will want to join you! Think of it like this: you children are your biggest fans. Whatever you do, they will want to follow. The older they get the less this is true, but if you set a good example from the start, they will grow up with more energy, more imagination and overall smarter!


5.Establish limits

When you do allow your children to have technology, some good tips I’ve gotten is to establish limits. Making sure that your children are only allowed to watch TV during a certain period of the day can be most beneficial because then they will be less reliant on technology.

6.Have quantity limits

Limiting the quantity of technology they can use by saying they can only watch two episodes of something or get to level three on their video game can be more beneficial than having a time limit. Time limits could have them in the middle of something and then get frustrated with you when their time limit is up. By having a quantity limit, they feel accomplished and they will be more engaged with any other events you would like to do afterwards.

7.Tech free meals

Tech free meals help promote conversation starters. Once you are sitting at the table with your family, you will be able to engage with your children and have a relationship with them instead of being on technology and being distracted. One of the most important things in life is building relationships. If your world revolves around technology, it can be really difficult to build the proper social skills needed for the world.


8.Provide alternative activities

There are so many alternative activities that you can do besides being in front of a screen! Some of the best activities I found from an awesome blog called 50 Things To Do Without Technology is: Take a walk, do a puzzle, go to the park, go swimming, play soccer, visit a relative, go bowling, and play with a pet. There are SO many more options, but those are just a few that I think are the best activities for my family!


9.Have more family time

If you fill your time with extra curriculum activities the children can be in sports or clubs to take up some extra time. You can also have family bonding days where you plan activities and trips as a family. Try to mix it up and do things that the whole family likes!


10.Password protection

By making sure that all of your technology sources have password protection, this will help assure that the children will stay off of technology. Simply just add a password to all of your technical devices and only unlock it when they are allowed to use it.


So now I bet you’re wondering…

How often should a child be spending on screens?

Newborns up to the age of 18 months should have no screen time. Between ages 2 to 5 children should only have about 1 hour per day. For older kids, if you feel they are heavily using media, then they should probably be set more boundaries. Typical rules to follow by are: No technology an hour before bed, or an hour before dinner.

Can too much harm my child?

Kids have 7 needs: relationships, language, sleep, play, physical activity, nutrition and executive function skills. If a child is in front of a screen too much, all of them can be effected.

So to conclude, yes your child can be harmed by having too much technology in their lives. The best ways to limit this is to start off early and be a good role model for them. Try and promote going outside and doing activities with them! Encourage healthy, energized, motivated options to keep your family happy!


Let me know what works for you! Leave a comment below!



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