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It’s never too early to include your children in your healthy lifestyle! If you’re a mom who loves to run, you know how difficult it can be to get in your exercises. Especially if you need to get a babysitter every time you want to go exercise. Fortunately, you can go for a run without having to find a babysitter now because of all the strollers that are comfortable to run with. Some important aspects a jogger stroller needs to include are the bigger wheels for the all terrain, a comfortable grip so it’s easy to steer with one hand, and fits a car seat so you can use it at all stages of your babies life.

1. All Terrain Jogger Stroller

This easily fold-able jogger stroller fits many different car seats, features a foam comfort handle for an easier grip, a two cup holder and a clear smart phone storage. It also includes an undercarriage storage bin for anything you need to have with you for the baby. The reclining seat and canopy provide a comfortable seat that protects your baby from the sun. The front wheel comes with a swivel lock to make sure you have a straight and stable journey.

Price: $149.99

For more info:

All terrain jogger

2. Charleston Jogger Stroller

This jogger performs a smooth run that has suspension tires that allow it to on on all terrain surfaces. The front wheel also has a swivel lock mode for jogging as well as a full coverage canopy that can shield your child from any objects. There is a parent window that allows the parent to see the child while jogging. This jogger also has a cushioned handle for easy gripping and a storage basket underneath for storing anything for your child.

Price: $99.99

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Evenflo Jogger

3. Graco Trax Jogger

The Graco Trax Jogger has most of the same elements that the first two have, however this one has a little bit thinner front wheel so it may be difficult for jogging on all terrain. It does have the lock mode so it makes it easier for navigating as well as the cushion for a good grip. This jogger includes a parent window where you can see your child while you’re exercising to make sure their okay and it also has the storage compartment below.

Price: $105.00

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Trax Jogger

4. Multi-sport Chariot

The Multi-sport chariot is available for one or two children and you have the option to purchase with a jogging kit. This chariot is designed for biking, strolling or jogging. It’s easy to transport the front two wheels to either a bike hitch or the larger front wheel fro jogging. The largely cushoned wheels allow the ride to be smooth and comfortable for the children. It also folds easily for quick storage.

Price: $899.99

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Thule Chariot Jogger

5. Jog Along

The Jog Along is not quite ready for purchasing, but I saw a video on Facebook that shows this stroller in action and let me tell you.. it looks AMAZING!! Instead of typical strollers where you have to hold one hand on the handle, this stroller allows you to move your arms normally while you jog along with it. This stroller is three in one! It is a jogging stroller, a bicycle trailer and also a standard stroller. Honestly.. I’m assuming it’s going to be expensive, but it looks worth it! Click on the link below for the video!


For more info:

Jog Along


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