Healthy Choices for Breastfeeding Moms

Let’s face it. When you’re breastfeeding it can get really tough to watch what you eat because you’re hungry all the time! And, although a lot of moms loose weight from just breastfeeding, there are some that don’t. So here are a few tips on how to be healthy while breastfeeding:

Be healthy for you:

Babies receive the nutrition’s they need whether you are eating healthy or not. The main thing to focus on when breastfeeding is making sure you are consuming enough calories to produce milk for you little one. If you don’t eat enough, it can affect your quantity of milk. Many breastfeeding moms feel like they are eating too much because they are always hungry. This is not necessarily true. Your body is working 24/7 to produce milk and the best way to stay on top of this is to consume healthy choices. Although your baby isn’t particularly affected when you consume unhealthy choices, your body does suffer the consequences. When I say your body suffers the consequences I don’t mean to count your calories and make sure you’re eating smaller amounts. I mean to try and choose healthier choices. When you eat meals try to consume food that has vegetables, meat and grain in it. Shoot less for fast food, and more for home cooked meals. Try to get your calories from better sources than greasy food.

Don’t loose too much weight too fast:

Most mothers try not to go on a very strict diet when they are breastfeeding. Everyone has a different body types and we all loose weight differently. Some lose weight once they have their baby, others don’t lose the weight at all. Just remember, don’t pressure yourself. You have time and when you’re breastfeeding the main concern is producing milk for your baby. When you focus on loosing weight, it can cause stress, anxiety, depression and other negative symptoms that can actually result in weight gain. The best ways to lose weight while breastfeeding is to focus on what you’re consuming and try to choose healthy choices. Some healthier choices could include: Oatmeal, veggies, rice, fruit, meat, and nuts. My main suggestion is to try to not eat as much fast food while you’re breastfeeding. Try to make home cooked meals as much as possible.

Drinking options:

It can be tough having to adjust your own habits in order to benefit your baby. A lot of advice I received when I was nursing was: “Don’t drink anything that has caffeine!” “Don’t drink alcohol!” “Don’t touch chocolate or tea!”

Now, I know it’s important to stay hydrated, and it can be tough to let go of the drinks you used to enjoy, but the thing nobody told me was: you can drink these in moderation. If you do want to drink caffeine you can drink up to 300 mg per day without it affecting your baby. But when discussing alcohol, you may want to take a break from those beverages until you’re done breastfeeding. Studies have shown that as little as one drink could affect your milk. If you do decide to have a drink, just remember that it takes 3 hours for your body to remove the alcohol in just one beverage.

Do small exercises:

Remember to consult a doctor before you start exercising. Typically moms have to weight at least eight weeks before they start working out after they have their baby. If you do plan to workout, try working out in small portions. It can be straining on your body if you try to push yourself right away. If you take it slow, you will be able to get back into a routine and you will be able to allow your body to adjust to working out again. Also, remember if you workout too much you will see a decrease in your milk supply and it could be hard for you to continue breastfeeding.


Side note- Always discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider any exercising or eating related questions you may have. I am not an expert, I am simply stating my opinions and what worked for me. Remember, everyone is different and what worked for me might not work for you. 


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