9 Ways to Stay Motivated

Being a mom requires a lot of multitasking. After a while it gets difficult to stay motivated. While raising a baby, you also have to focus on career goals, bills, keeping food in the house, etc. Moms have to balance WAY too much on their plate at one time.

Staying motivated is one of the toughest challenges moms face. We often want to give up and procrastinate any goals we had set because we’re too tired to keep pushing forward. I definitely am one who pushes my assignments off to the next day because I just simply don’t feel like doing them. (Especially the tasks that take a lot of time to complete)

Below I discuss some ways that has helped me stay motivated, even on my worst days.

1. Set a goal

When setting a goal I usually follow four steps. 1. Make sure your goals is something that is achievable. You’d be surprised on how many people set a goal that is simply impossible to complete. Definitely make sure your goal is something that is realistically able to be completed. 2. Write down your goal and think to yourself, is this something that is worth while? If you were to explain it to someone else, is it something that would get you excited to talk about? If so, then great! On to step 3: Make a plan. Measure out how long it will take you to get from where you are now to where you will be when your goal is complete. Write out steps and deadlines for mini-goals to complete in order to accomplish your main goal. And finally step 4: Follow through. Make sure to never give up on your goal and to push yourself to stay on track with the time-slots and reward yourself when you complete them.

2. Eliminate procrastination

The first step to eliminate procrastination is to stop punishing yourself for procrastinating. The more you punish yourself for procrastinating, the more stressed you become. Lay out all of your tasks and determine which ones are the most critical to get done. After determining which ones are most important, you can then proceed to setting a time frame and spend about a half an hour dedicated to getting the most important ones done. When people try to spend their whole day finishing one task, it gets very difficult to stay motivated. By doing projects in small time frames, you will be able to focus on one task and complete it to the best of your ability. Always start your day with the hardest tasks. In the morning, you are the most energized, if you tackle your hardest task right away, then you will feel accomplished the rest of the day. Reward yourself when the task is complete. If it’s a task you’re dreading, you will feel motivated to completing it if you promise yourself you’ll celebrate after it’s done.

3. Cut out distractions

In a world full of technology, there are TONS of distractions all around us. By eliminating distractions, we could stay motivated to finish tasks. Some distractions may include: cell phones, TV, music, social media, e-mails, etc. It can be difficult to cut out distractions, but when you’re trying to complete a task it’s extremely necessary. Some ways that work best for me is: giving myself frequent breaks, turning off my cellphone, and being in a quiet environment by myself.

4. Stay positive

Make sure to surround yourself with positivity. Negative thoughts are self-defeating and naturally your brain wants to focus on those thoughts. Think of this in relation to the quote “practice makes perfect”. Anytime there is a negative thought that starts to seep into your brain, try to focus on the positive. Steer your brain away from remembering negative memories. On stressful days where your mind is flooded with negative thoughts, try to identify one positive event that occurred throughout the day; even if it’s small.  Another way to stay positive is by creating an environment around you that is positive to live in. Try to spend time with people who are uplifting and supporting. Negative people have a huge effect on your mind and attitude. Always be grateful for the little things. Remember to think to yourself: “What things in my life can I be grateful for?” Last but not least, staying active has a huge impact on mental health and staying positive. When you workout your body releases endorphins that help relieve stress and negative energy. positivity

5. Meditation

Meditation is essential when you want to become motivated. When you meditate not only does it bring positive energy, it also refreshes your mind and renews your enthusiasm. Anxiety, depression and addiction are some reasons why people become disengaged and are not motivated. Meditation eliminates all of those reasons. It roots out all of the negative thought processes. Once you start meditating, you will feel like a whole new person. You increase your happiness, love, compassion and well-being.

Below are some meditation techniques you can try!

6. Yoga

Yoga, like meditation, can help you mentally stay positive. Yoga is another form of exercising where you can increase your muscle strength, flexibility, tone, energy, and improve your athletic performance. When you do yoga it releases endorphins and it allows you to relieve yourself of any anxiety, depression, or stress you may have. It increases body awareness and reduces muscle pain.

Check these Effective Yoga poses and give this yoga for beginners a try!

7. Exercise

Studies have shown that regular exercise increases motivation and productivity. Exercise reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It boosts your self-esteem, improves sleep, and provides more energy to stay motivated. Motivation and exercise can go very closely hand in hand. Sometimes you need motivation to exercise, but motivation is a result from exercising. So in this section I will focus on some ways to find motivation to workout, which in return will give you more motivation to do other tasks.

Exercise is not only beneficial to you mentally/emotionally, but it is also beneficial for your health and overall lifestyle. Some ways to get motivated to go exercise can include: scheduling a regular workout time, having a workout partner, document how you feel before and after you workout so it can remind you how good it feels to workout, ask yourself if you will regret skipping, joining a gym, etc. (As you can see, there are many way s to motivate yourself to go exercise.) You just have to remember the benefits of exercising and staying active. The hardest part is starting. Once you have that down, you’ll be golden!

8. Recognize your progress

When you recognize your progress, you acknowledge the efforts you are putting into accomplishing your overall goal. If you write down milestones to your goal, you can determine how long it’s taking to accomplish them, and how good it feels to see yourself progressing.

9. Reward yourself

Previously, I talked a little bit about the importance of rewarding yourself. It’s really hard to follow through with goals. When we don’t see immediate results, we give up. So when we reward ourselves, we are able to feel accomplished and we stay determined to reaching our overall goal. I recommend rewarding yourself every time you hit a milestone accomplishment. Check out this website on 155 Ways to Reward Yourself.


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